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Good Light Products
Custom Made Lighting Solutions


We provide professional Solidworks 3D design services for luminaires and their components, catered to our customers' ideas.
Our expertise aids architects and lighting designers in creating customized and distinctive lighting solutions that meet their project requirements precisely.


The quick implementation of ideas, from paper to digital and then to tangible forms, helps us avoid costly mistakes and increases our chances of winning new contracts from customers. We have successfully shortened this process to its absolute minimum, which has become our key competitive advantage in the market.

Short Series Production

Orders for quantities starting from 10 pieces are also welcome.
For smaller order quantities, an additional charge will be calculated. The lead-time typically does not exceed two weeks.
However, we will confirm the exact time of delivery for each order individually.

Powder Coating

Our paint shop offers the highest quality powder coating using the full RAL palette, which includes a variety of glosses and textures to meet our customers' specific needs. In addition to serving the lighting industry, we also provide powder coating services for third-party customers.


In addition to our production, we also perform assembly operations on the luminaires that customers send to us in parts for final assembly and testing.
Once assembled, the complete luminaires are packed, labeled, and shipped to the destinations specified by the customers.


Thanks to our long-lasting co-operation with the well-known international forwarders, we are capable of organizing quick and reliable deliveries to every country in Europe.
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